VANCOUVER, BC (August 20, 2015) – Steelhead LNG Corp. (Steelhead LNG) and the Malahat First Nation (Malahat Nation) are pleased to announce the successful completion of a Mutual Benefits Agreement (MBA) and Long-Term Lease supporting the proposed development of Malahat LNG, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility to be situated on the shoreline of Malahat Nation-owned land, formerly known as Bamberton, approximately 8 kilometres south of Mill Bay on Vancouver Island.

The proposed facility, expected to have a capacity of up to 6 million tonnes per annum (mtpa), would include floating liquefaction facilities moored to the shoreline and minor supporting land-based infrastructure. The project’s significant economic impact would include up to 30 years of revenue generation for local, provincial and federal governments during construction, operation and decommissioning, along with the creation of up to 200 high-paying long-term positions once the facility is operational. The project would also create hundreds of additional direct and indirect jobs on Vancouver Island in a wide variety of sectors from design, through construction and operation, as well as training and employment opportunities for Malahat Nation members, members of neighbouring First Nations and other Vancouver Island community members.

“We are honoured to be here today to celebrate our agreements with the Malahat Nation,” said Nigel Kuzemko, CEO, Steelhead LNG. “As a BC-based LNG development company, we are committed to early engagement with First Nations and getting things right. That is why our first step over the past 13 months was to develop a close working relationship with the Malahat Nation based on trust and respect. Our MBA with the Malahat at this early stage of the project is a reflection of our commitment to working with each other and of the relationship we have developed. We look forward to working with the Malahat as we consider the wide range of cultural, environmental, technical, financial and social matters of importance to the Nation, neighbouring First Nations and communities, and BC residents as a whole.”

The industrial-zoned land allocated for the proposed project has hosted a cement manufacturing facility for more than 100 years and is currently being used as a rock quarry, for off-loading industrial equipment and materials and other industrial activities. It is part of a 525-hectare parcel of land that the Malahat recently acquired, tripling the size of their Nation. The transaction is one of the largest Aboriginal land purchases in BC history, and a significant milestone in the Nation’s transition to economic independence.

“As a Nation committed to improving the quality of life for our people, we are excited about this opportunity with Steelhead LNG,” said Acting Chief Tommy Harry of the Malahat Nation. “In 2015, our Nation developed a Comprehensive Development Plan that reflects our people’s needs and their vision of how we want to develop our Nation. We recognized that to achieve that vision, we needed to look beyond our Nation to develop new business relationships and economic opportunities.”

“Since then, we have made significant progress, and this proposed LNG project with Steelhead represents another step forward in that direction. It is also an indication that our Nation is open for business and that we welcome the chance to explore opportunities with those who respect our lands, social and cultural values, and who are prepared to work with us in a truly strategic manner.”

The Malahat Nation is a 319-member Nation located on the western shore of Saanich Inlet, south of Mill Bay. The Nation is part of the Te’mexw Treaty Association, which on April 9, 2015, signed an Agreement-in-Principle with Canada and British Columbia. The Agreement-in-Principle is one of the final steps in the Treaty process, which will lead to self-government once approved by a vote of the Malahat Nation members.

As part of the arrangement between them, Steelhead LNG will provide Malahat Nation with capacity funding to assist the Nation in securing the expertise it needs to ensure the protection of its land and interests. The Nation will also receive direct financial benefits from the project that the Nation intends to use to provide benefits and programs that align with the objectives set out in its Comprehensive Community Plan.
The proposed project will now undergo rigorous regulatory, environmental and technical assessments. Steelhead LNG will also undertake an extensive consultation and engagement process with members of the Malahat Nation, other potentially affected First Nations, local stakeholders and residents.

Steelhead LNG is currently assessing pipeline route options to deliver natural gas to Vancouver Island for both Malahat LNG and the proposed LNG project Steelhead LNG and the Huu-ay-aht First Nations are exploring at Sarita Bay in the Alberni Inlet. The sharing of pipeline infrastructure is a significant enabler for both projects.

The use of floating liquefaction technology provides Steelhead LNG with a low impact facility that builds on the exemplary 50-year safety record of LNG carriers and floating regasification and storage units. While the facility is in the preliminary design phase, the use of pipeline natural gas as an input and being jetty moored in calm waters will allow for a more straightforward design than other floating liquefaction facilities currently under construction globally. The scalability of floating liquefaction technology along with the use of existing infrastructure provides Steelhead with a flexible and independent project that enables investment with a comparatively low LNG sales commitment volume.

On July 8, 2014, Steelhead LNG applied to the National Energy Board for five licenses to export in the aggregate of up to 30 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per year for 25 years. Steelhead has since confirmed to the National Energy Board that one 6 mtpa license will be allocated to Malahat LNG, while the other four 6 mtpa licenses will be allocated to the project at Sarita Bay.

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Announcement of Malahat LNG Project at Malahat Nation's Kwunew Kwasun Cultural Resource Centre on August 20, 2015. (Photo by Phil Ives)

Announcement of Malahat LNG Project at Malahat Nation’s Kwunew Kwasun Cultural Resource Centre on August 20, 2015. (Photo by Phil Ives)


• The Malahat Nation is a 319-member Nation located on the western shore of Saanich Inlet, approximately 8 kilometers south of Mill Bay, BC. Its Chief and Council are committed to improving the livelihood of their people through a series of initiatives based on comprehensive community and development plans that are focused on Nation building.

• The Malahat have two reserves on approximately 242 hectares: 237.1 hectares are in the Malahat district, on the west shore of Saanich inlet south of Mill Bay; and 4.8 hectares are in Goldstream and highland districts, at the south end of Finlayson Arm and the mouth of the Goldstream River.

• In July 2015, the Malahat Nation purchased 525 hectares of land, formerly known as Bamberton, adjacent to their existing lands. With the help of the First Nations Finance Authority the Malahat Nation was able to purchase the lands that will now be used to support their long-term economic goals for the future.

• The Nation is part of the Te’mexw Treaty Association (TTA), which includes the Songhees First Nation, Beecher Bay First Nation, T’Sou-ke First Nation, Malahat Nation, and Snaw-Naw-As (Nanoose) First Nation.

• On April 9, 2015, the Nations signed the Te’mexw Treaty Association Agreement-in-Principle with the governments of B.C. and Canada, which includes provisions for approximately 1,565 hectares of Crown land and transfers of approximately $142 million including a land fund for the five First Nations once Final Agreements are reached.

• In 2013, the Malahat signed the Malahat Incremental Treaty Agreement (ITA), a multi-year agreement that includes the transfer of two parcels of Crown land located in the south Shawnigan Lake area (within the Cowichan Valley Regional District) totalling 183.45 hectares, which provides the Malahat with forestry, gravel extraction, residential and recreational tourism opportunities. The land is held in fee simple by the Malahat Nation and is subject to the same federal and provincial laws and municipal bylaws and regulations as other privately held property.

• The Malahat Nation is guided by its Comprehensive Community Plan, which includes a Comprehensive Development Plan overseen by the Malahat Economic Development Ltd.

• In March 2015, the Malahat Nation announced a $1.85 million waterfront project in partnership with The Island Coastal Economic Trust, the Cowichan Valley Regional District and the Mill Bay Marina Group.

The Malahat Nation Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) was developed in 2013 and acts as the Nation’s governing plan and tool kit. It is designed to help the Malahat Nation further exercise their sovereignty and make progress toward a future that incorporates social, economic, political, and cultural stability.

As part of the CCP, the Malahat Nation identified the need for improved housing, helping to encourage members to return home and enhance the well-being of their residents. To date, nine residences have been constructed, with four under construction, and plans for five to be built each year for the next five years.

The Kwunew Kwasun Cultural Resource Centre was completed in 2014 and provides a place for the community to learn, share their values, re-build the strengths of their culture and have a space to gather.

The Malahat Nation believes that one of the fundamental aspects of success in nation building is investing in culturally relevant, consistent, and fun educational programs for their children. Over the past 12 months, the Nation has developed curriculum and programs that highlight the core developmental milestones for children.

The Early Years Programs include opportunities for toddlers and school-aged Nation members to learn through play while incorporating traditional teachings, values and language of the Malahat people. Programs include early years (3-5 years old) play and learn; a homework program (5-10 years old); culture and language teachings; a lunch program; a parenting support group; and lacrosse and volleyball.

The Malahat Nation has also developed a 52-week Life Skills Program that focuses on personal life planning for members. The Life Skills Program is steeped in culture and tradition with a focus on milestone moments including a grade 12 equivalency diploma, a driver’s license, and the execution of a personal life plan. The program has significantly reduced social assistance and 90 per cent of the people who enter the program have moved into the workplace.


The Malahat Nation recently completed a Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) that will help them to determine the various uses for the land moving forward. With the guidance of Urban Systems (, the Malahat Nation was able to create a vision for their land that will help them use it to meet their economic goals and protect it for the future.

Partnership with Quantum Murray
Malahat Nation and Quantum Murray, an industrial and environmental services company, have formed a joint venture called MNQM Contracting Ltd. As partners, they are pursuing opportunities in all environmental service areas. The partners are poised to have a long history working together and identifying unique and creative ways of involving more community members over time. It is hoped that this venture will lead to individuals being better equipped for long term and sustained employment in a variety of industries.

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• Steelhead LNG is a Vancouver-based liquefied natural gas project development company, whose principals have created and led some of the world’s largest, most successful and environmentally responsible natural gas and LNG projects.

• Steelhead’s senior executive team has more than 250 years of combined experience on natural gas and LNG projects with Shell, Gazprom, Santos, and Qatargas. Steelhead team members have worked on more than half of the existing LNG projects worldwide.

• Steelhead is currently exploring the development of an LNG project with Huu-ay-aht First Nations at Sarita Bay, 75 kilometers southwest of Port Alberni. The proposed project is currently undergoing feasibility studies.

• Steelhead LNG recognizes that all natural resource projects have the potential to affect the traditional territory of First Nations across the province. We work together with our host First Nations to ensure that we get it right. We are committed to early engagement in order to develop projects that minimize potential environmental, cultural and socio-economic effects and provide long-term benefits for current and future generations.

• Steelhead LNG’s investors include KERN Partners, a Calgary-based energy sector private equity firm, which is funded by a group of leading Canadian pension funds, North American university endowments, foundations, institutions and family offices. KERN’s team has significant experience in the upstream oil and gas, energy infrastructure, energy technology and oil and gas service sectors, and with its co-investment program, KERN has more than $3 billion under management.
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